Great Cooking Games Where You Flip Burgers

We've picked some of our favourite restaurant games we love to play where you grill the best looking and most delicious burgers in town...

Burger Bustle

Burger Bustle Game

Burger Bustle is one of the most fun burger games in the Time Management genre, and will keep you amused for a long time.  You will assume responsibility for a bistro and quickly serve some tasty food to all your customers so that they keep on coming back.  You can earn some great rewards and unlock some incredibly useful upgrades in the game that will all help you to work more effectively.  You will have to make sure that you’re always ahead of all your customers if you want to maintain the pace of the game.  Burgers aren't the only thing on the menu in this restaurant giving you plenty of challenges to serve a variety of food.

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Flaming Moes Tapper: The Simpsons

Flaming Moes Tapper: The Simpsons Game

In Flaming Moes Tapper you play as Moe who has stolen Homer's secret recipe for a drink that when lit on fire tastes fantastic. Claiming Homer's secret recipe as your own, word gets out about your great tasting drink and everybody in and outside Springfield want to come to your tavern for a Flaming Moe. Designed with the classic old arcade game Tapper in mind, Flaming Moes Tapper is a game every Simpsons fan will love playing again and again.

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Burger Shop 2

Burger Shop Game

In Burger Shop 2, you have to re-establish your own restaurant empire by using good Time Management skills, as well as adding more twists to all your own menus to lure in some additional customers, whilst you discover the real truth about what actually happened to your first chain of restaurants.

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Papas Burgeria

Papas Burgeria Game

Flipping burgers isn’t a pretty task and neither is running a busy burger restaurant, but boy can flash making it entertaining. Take and make your customer’s orders to earn notoriety and tips for various functional upgrades in another incredible offering from the Papa’s series of games

Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack

Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack Game

Papa Louie’s had a rather industrious career, hasn’t he? He owns one of the biggest restaurant franchises in the fictional flash-game world, with everything from Pizzerias to Cupcakerias littering the internet. Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack is a strictly platform-based affair however, contrasting with the usual time management format of the Papa’s restaurant games to provide a different slant on fast-food-themed action. Navigating your way through a twisted fast-food world may sound silly, but it’s less silly when you consider that you are fighting to survive against food that really wants to have you for dinner.

Beyond the Burger

Burgers are fun to cook and serve in games but there's also plenty of other fun fast food to whip up and offer your customers so we couldn't help but recommend a few more web games we are positive you will love just as much as the burger ones.

Papas Taco Mia

Papas Taco Mia Game

Papa Louie is back with yet another time-management simulation based around a specific foodstuff: this time, the humble taco gets the Papa’s work-over, delivering yet another meaty portion of entertainment that has been so indicative of Flipline Studios’ series of restaurant-based games.

Papas Pizzeria

Papas Pizzeria Game

I am rarely as impressed about pizzas that I cannot physically eat in real life as I was with those in Papa’s Pizzeria. Create the orders of your customers from scratch by managing your time and baking, slicing, and sprinkling your way to record tips.

Papas Wingeria

Papas wingeria Game

“Those wings don’t have enough BBQ sauce on them” is something a customer should never be saying to you if you’re doing your job sufficiently well in Papa’s Wingeria. This time management game issues you with the responsibility of running an eatery that serves chicken wings, and their preparation, assembly, and serving to the customer is your priority. In Papa’s Wingeria, you are the restaurant. 

Sara's Cooking Class Games

saras cooking class games

Before discovering the Sara’s Cooking Class games, my view on food-based games in general was rather dim. I mean, why would I turn to a food-based flash game to satisfy a real-world hunger? It just didn’t make sense to me, and I went about my life cobbling together real food for my actual hunger whilst my flash-based famine of food games continued. My intrigue was too great to manage, however, and after sniffing about SpilGames’ offerings for quite some time, I folded like cheap, low-budget paper and started with Sara’s Cooking Class: Berry Cheese Cake; one berry cheese cake later, and my view had performed a one-eighty. These were more than just shallow cooking games: they were actual, interactive recipes. This application to real-life cooking now meant that the flash-based Sara’s Cooking Class games could now be of actual worth in satiating my real-life hunger. Needless to say, my hunger prevailed and I’ve been sautéing with Sara ever since (in the culinary sense of course; no funny business). 

Flabby Kid

Play as a kid attempting to overthrow a corrupt giant Fast Food Corporation which has enslaved the world with it's fatty, sugary, poisonous treats and snacks.

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