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Rated 89/100 by Big Fish Games players.

This is a time management game where you run a few restaurants that only serve coffee very occasionally. There is no story line, and the overall aim is very simple and short: complete tasks and earn trophies.

  • Exclusively  themed  cafes
  • Over sixty levels of  fast game play
  • Three game modes that will keep you challenged at all times
  • Deal with some outlandish customers
  • Develop you time management skills and learn to multi task successfully

OS: Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/Mac

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User comments:

Niiiice! Loving this one. I really love burger making games, but this game is unique in it's on way. There are multiple employees you have to control and you also have the ability to move them around in any area you might need them to work in. Coooool!

Mega-fun with this game. The overall concept is great. Hours of fun and challenging.

Really fun game! I own nearly every Burger TM game on BFG and I can say for sure this is up there with the best. Not only does it provide a very, very fun game the first time around you will spend hours trying to get expert in ever level.

Our Review

The Game-play

Burger Bustle Game: The Game Play

At first glance, Burger Bustle doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the already trialled and tested time management design. What happens is customers arrive to your café, look through your menu, and place an order.  All your workers dash around to fry burgers, fill them with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and a dollop of ketchup for some additional cash. The side dishes that you serve contain three different varieties of sodas, ice-cream, fries, desserts and coffees. Some of your customers might decide to take their food away, and others will eat inside your cafe; the ones who eat in will leave you a tip from time to time, so make sure you grab it.   

Although the game is simple, it does involve quite a lot of strategy, which is where the twist comes in, too.  This isn't a short of game that you can defeat just by sliding across your mouse pad on your lap top or PC. Deciding which counters you are going to unlock, thinking about how to allocate all your workers that are available to you, as well as planning which task you ought to prioritise all play a massive part when it comes to winning the gold. Plus, you will have to achieve numerous tasks during each level, which adds to the overall challenge. 

Café locations & Levels

You get eight café locations - Aqua Park, Beach, City, Wild West, Shopping Centre, Space Station, Hollywood, and Winter. Each one has eight different levels in total, which adds up to sixty four in the overall game.  In the beginning of every level, your targets are clearly outlined as ‘golden’ and 'silver' trophies. All the timed targets means that you have to complete any given target – for instance, serve minimum orders and/or earn cash, and/or sell specific types of burgers or side orders, or else recruit staff.


Burger Bustle Game: The Customers

The types of customers that you get are limited, although they vary from a blue collared worker to a Japanese tourist, and they remain steady regardless of the location of your cafe. There are no major differences in the level of patience either; the majority of them are fairly patient, even if you keep them waiting for an excessive amount of time. This is advantageous as some of your  employees are a bit sluggish, plus the only speed up in the game is a simple coffee machine that takes more than sixty seconds (and contain levels that average between two to three minutes)to charge up again after you use it for around ten seconds or so.  You will receive a gramophone as well as some candy that you can use to calm all your furious customers. We get the candy bit, but really don’t understand what use a gramophone is in a café shop?

The Good Things

The positive game aspects include things like the feature that allows you to serve your customers quicker simply by clicking your right hand button on your mouse instead of dragging it to them.  Moreover, you do not get money subtracted on any items that are leftover when your cafe closes, any wastage overnight, or receive penalties for disposing any unusable food items, apart from the time that you lose when you handle them.

All the levels have three decorative upgrades – tables, walls and flooring; they tend to improve all the tips that you get. This feature seems to be somewhat superficial because there are no cash implications to buying any of them.

All the art work in Burger Bustle is very appealing and lively, and the graphics are really clear and smooth, too. As a whole, it is enjoyable to look at, and the quality of the production is excellent.

There is no text included in the game, which keeps it nice and sharp, and free from any typo mistakes.  Even though the voice-acts are excellent, they do sound a bit repetitive after about two to three levels. All the background music is very good and serves a purpose; it’s functional.

The bad things

Everything sounds wonderful hey? Not really. Burger Bustle tends to suffer from an almost crippling hitch – all your customers tend not to order the items that you need to complete the tasks for in so many rounds; this means that you end up wasting a lot of valuable time, which leaves you feeling a bit powerless and irritated. Levels 14, 53 and 64 have been plagued the most, where the golden targets seem impossible just because customers do not order essential items.

One other issue is that upgrades are 'rewarded' if you move up a leadership board, which has already been set. We only managed to get to number 3 even though we completed all the eight different locations with 58 out of the 64 golden trophies, we were more than 4000 points short, although the total  scores for all the levels have been 'fixed' already when it comes to targets .  You will not earn extra points if you accomplish all your targets a lot faster. Plus, you cannot select your own upgrade, which prevents you from making the most of your own strengths in the game-play.

Game Modes

Burger Bustle contains two extra modes that prolong your play time by a few hours.  The "Survival “mode is, unlocked when you rank in 8th place on the leader board, and the "Relaxed" mode is unlocked when you rank second. In Survival mode you have to race against time in order to satisfy all your customer demands because their orders increase and their patience levels reduce, to the point where you will end up losing twenty. The Relaxed mode is not timed, but the pressure soon mounts up because you have to deal with more customers and complicated orders.

Final Verdict

Burger Bustle keeps on going for an ideal amount of time, and offers you a challenging game play.  The strategy element along with the fast paced approach will keep you engaged for the whole duration of the game - you will not get bored!  The only downfall is the hiccup of having to place orders on your task items.

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