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In Burger Shop, you successfully created a universal chain of restaurants and found fame and fortune... Until one day, you found yourself in a dumpster with a bump on your head, your restaurants boarded up, and no memory of how any of it happened. Now, in Burger Shop 2, you must rebuild your restaurant empire by using your Time Management skills, adding new twists to your menu to entice new customers, while uncovering the truth about what happened to your original restaurant chain!

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Upgradeable menus
  • Build up your Burger Shop!

OS: Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/Mac

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User comments:

Fabulous sequel to a great game. This game is amazing. I loved the first one, and this one is so much better. The story line wasn't of much interest to me, but it is humorous.

#1 all time big fish game. Huge replay value, quick levels, addictive gameplay and fun for all different skill levels.

Fun, challenging, and lots of replay value. This conveyor belt cafe game was one of the first BFG's I bought and still one of my favorites. This is hands-down the "largest" game I've played on this site - with tons of levels, multiple modes, and many challenges that I've still not finished.

Big Burger Review

We can confidently say that you will love Burger Shop 2, especially if you enjoyed the first game, Burger Shop.  This quick- paced production-line time management game is just as hilarious as the first one, and it expands on the original formula with additional levels and entertaining twists such as trophies, dishes and characters.  

Once you get to the end of the original game, you will surely feel like you are on top of the world and all the credit is due to the BurgerTron 2000 device.  However, it is not all a bed of roses because when you first start Burger Shop 2, you will soon discover that your restaurant businesses are in a real mess –, and you’re not sure why. The only thing that you are aware of is that you got up one day next to a rubbish container with a bump on your forehead to discover that all your chain of restaurants have been closed down as well as being boarded up. And, when a crafty person arrives and recommends that you sell everything back over to yourself again for just one dollar, you end up taking him up on his offer. You will retrace all your steps to try and work out what actually went wrong, and eventually you will re-establish all eight of your restaurants to how they were already – it’s totally impressive.

burger shop 3: picky clicks

The Story Line & Design

The idea of the game appears to be somewhat manufactured, and a bit of an idle way of making you start all the way from scratch again - until you come to the realisation that the developers are actually involved in the prank also. The storyline is showered with self-referential wisdom and speedy conversation that does not outstay its welcome, and it actually   makes you want to carry on playing just so that you can find out what happens. 

The game has the same design as the original game: all the customers appear at the base of your screen and it is your responsibility to prepare and serve them food and drinks as they place their orders.  You do this by using your mouse to click onto the right ingredients whilst the Burger Tron 2000 churns them out onto your conveyor belt.  If you wish to serve your customer a BLT sandwich, for instance, you will have to click on a top and bottom half of a bun, some lettuce, bacon and tomatoes, and then you will have to deliver the cooked sandwich to the right customer.

If you serve all your customers quickly, then they will give you some cash along with some good tips.  However, if you take a long time, they will just storm off. You can proceed to the next level if you earn a set amount of money, or you can even earn yourself an Expert score. The game contains eight restaurants, and each one has 15 levels, which adds up to 120 levels in total.


Burger Shop 2 is not just about serving burgers and sandwiches.  In between all the levels, you are allowed to upgrade all your restaurants so that you can serve French fries, ice cream, beverages, condiments, and other food items. There are over 100 recipes that you can make, and you will continuously add more upgrades to the game until you reach the final level. 

The great thing about all your upgrades is that most of them actually double, or triple your responsibilities.  For example, the vanilla ice cream machine will allow you to fill a cup with ice cream and then drag it over to the milkshake machine so that you can make your own vanilla milkshake.  Alternatively, you can fill up a glass of coca cola with some ice cream so that you can make an ice cream float. To do this, you need to  combine some ice cream with one of  the paper cups off your conveyor belt, and if you want to make a vanilla soft-serve, then you can add some sprinkles,  chocolate sauce, and some cherries…You’ve probably got the idea by now.

New Features

Burger Shop 2 has some new features that include lunch, dinner and breakfast menus, and it has introduced plenty of new food items as well as ways to prepare them all. For instance, a breakfast plate contains orange juice, sausages, eggs, and hash browns, plus you get different types of breakfast cereals, some English muffins, and waffles and toast that you can put inside the toaster.  We recommend that you put two slices of bread inside the toaster at the same time because you will get things prepared a lot faster.  The new dinner menu has pork chops, steak, and salmon – they all have to be baked inside the oven.  You also get different types of pizzas, pasta and vegetables that you will have to boil before you serve them.   It doesn’t just stop here; you even get a wide range of soups, donuts and desserts.  We like having so many food choices and ended up trying to make everything.  We must warn you though that your mouth will start to water and your stomach will grumble as soon as you start to play the game.  So, we suggest that you have your favourite take away menus ready because you probably won’t be able to control your hunger pangs.

New Customers

You will probably recognise most of your customers; nevertheless there are a few new ones that have been added too.  For example, one of your customers is a clown and asks for some silly orders like vanilla ice cream with mustard topping, which is unheard of.  He will also order a carton of fries without the actual fries – how bizarre!  He is one of our favourite game characters, and we also got a real buzz from the “Animal Admirer”, who is incredibly impatient, although this trait is not that much of a big deal because she can be easily pacified if you give her doggie a biscuit.  Plus, the guy without the shirt made us chuckle a few times because his uncovered saggy torso usually upsets all the other customers, therefore, you must put a t-shirt on him as soon as possible.  He is harmless really, and probably loves the attention that he gets when he’s topless.  Why else would he do such a silly thing, especially with a physique that is out of shape?

Even though, the pace of this game is continuous, the mouse control system is superb – you will not fight with it at any point in the game.  You can use a few smart tricks and take some short-cuts, which will make all the controls seem a lot smoother.  These have all been explained to you in the tutorials. The audio and visuals in the game are pleasurable too.

Game Options

After completing level 120 in Story Mode, you still have a lot more to do. You have the option to return to the same level and try to improve your best score on certain levels, or you could try and play the more demanding modes: Expert mode, and Challenge Mode and find out if you can obtain a Golden ranking in all your restaurants.  If you want to take things easy, then you can play in Relax Mode - none of your customers ever get angry here, and things tick away nicely at all times. You can even admire all the trophies that you earn – this could be 120 in total, any time you want.  All you have to do is go to the Hall of Fame inside your options menu. 

The Good things:

The storyline is exceptionally amusing, and fun to play. 

You get so many game levels, and various modes to play in.

There are some intriguing game characters and some exciting new upgrades.

The production value is hugely satisfying, and the game has added some extra twists to keep you on your toes.

The Bad Things:

Some of the characters, recipes, and locations have been recycled and we cover improvements in our Burger Shop 3 discussion so there is a slight chance that you might get bored.

Final Verdict

If you do not mind playing a frantic time management game, then we would say that Burger Shop 2 is an essential download.

Burger Shop 2 is twice as good as the first game.  We honestly loved all the Breakfast as well as Dinner levels a lot more than the lunch menu that has been carried over from the original game.  Plus, all the quirky new customers bring even more fun to the game. It is the type of game that some of you might be happy playing several times a day.  We did not find the Story Mode as stimulating as the one in the first game, although we feel that this is tolerable because expert mode made up for it by keeping us challenged for ages.  We haven’t managed to earn all the trophies yet and do not intend to stop until we do.  The one change that we would like to see in Burger Shop 2 is the option to play an 'All Breakfast' or else an 'All Dinner' challenge or story mode instead of just playing all the three meals together. This is a trivial point, nevertheless.  It is a fantastic game and is undoubtedly worth what you pay for it.  So, if you do not mind playing a frantic time management game, then Burger Shop 2 is an essential download.

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