Burger Shop 3 Game

Ok then, Gobit Games. We have been waiting for Burger Shop 3 for nearly 8 years now, so what gives? The long-awaited time management game that has been dangling on high and tantalising us since its announcement in 2011 will hopefully become a reality soon, but in the meantime, this article takes a glance at some improvements and new features we would like to see in the 3rd instalment.  Read On

burger shop 3

Recommendations and Improvements Burger Shop is a saucy little devil.

Literally. In fact, for maximum accuracy, it is comprised of two saucy, even-littler time-management devils offering some extremely frantic, patience-testing, and attention-demanding gameplay revolving around the construction of various fast-food items under time pressures that can potentially make your head pop. 

However, these two little devils were, by now, supposed to be THREE devils. Dedicated fans of the series will already know this, and that the long-awaited, much-anticipated Burger Shop 3 - which has been teased by developer GoBit games since 2011 - still hasn't materialised. So while the only thing that could satiate our collective hunger for this ever-dangling sequel would be to chow down on this sequel fully and violently, this isn't something I can offer. What I can offer, however, are my thoughts on features and improvements I (and hopefully we) would like to see from Burger Shop 3. These cheeky changes and improvements are as follows.

Swipe Gripes and Picky Clicks

burger shop 3: picky clicks

Burger Shop 2 was very close to having a flawless control system. Whether you were playing with a mouse on a bigger device or your mobile, the items can be selected, swiped to where required, and handed to the customer. Sounds great. In theory, anyway. In practise, the controls are much fiddlier than they need to be. For mobile, I think the touch input should be simplified, with perhaps even the drag-on-screen aspect eliminated altogether. A touch on the food, and another touch on the next piece of hardware/customer should be all that is required.

Furthermore, sometimes the food items on the conveyor belt are so small as to be a nightmare to tap on accurately, which isn’t so much a problem in the early stages but becomes hellish when you have impatient sumo wrestlers waiting for their food. Burger Shop 3 needs tweaking in this department, to stop us fans tweaking out when the heat in the kitchen becomes ferocious. Given Burger Shop 3 has supposedly been in the making for 8 years at the time of writing, I think a little tweak in the controls is the least Gobit Games can do.

Starting Over

Another frustrating aspect of the game mechanics is the recycling function. Instead of being able to undo your last selection or reduce your 2-stack pancake to a single iteration, you are simply unable to do this and are forced by the game mechanics to scrap the whole plate and start again. As the veteran players know, this is indescribably frustrating when you are in the advanced stages of the game. Burger Shop 3 needs an undo button, even if this function is one that can be unlocked and/or gets restricted/removed during the later stages in order to keep things challenging.

Let’s Get Graphic

While Burger Shop 2’s fantastic gameplay is something to behold, I’m certain even the most loyal fans will agree that the general presentation of this series isn’t just beginning to look a bit dated – it was looking dated from the moment it hit our browsers/Steam platforms/mobile devices. While these graphics could be argued to perhaps do the job, they do so just barely, and after spending many hours reliving the Burger Shop 2 glory days on my Android, these cartoonish graphics look dull, dreary, and worst of all, dated.

Therefore, to ensure Burger Shop 3 is more Fast food than past food, GoBit really will have to up their game significantly in the looks department. This could either mean a serious revamp of the graphics but doesn’t necessarily have to mean they move away from the cartoon-style presentation of old. What I do know is that we can only stare at the repetitive floor textures and fuzzy graphics of Burger Shop 2 for so long before becoming tired and bored of the design, and thinking that rivals like Restaurant Dash Gordon Ramsay are doing it better.

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