Burger Restaurant 3 Game

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Burger Restaurant 3: Cooking Burgers Goes Worldwide

This follow up game to Burger Restaurant 2 has added a few more features to make it a good follow up to the original game. This time we have three restaurants, new customers plus new menus to select from. The aim of the game is once again to make as much money as possible while creating delicious burgers. You must serve your customers quickly so they will pay you plus listen carefully once again so you serve them exactly what they ordered. Spoilt orders can be binned while as before you have a monetary target at the start of each level that you need to reach before you can progress.

Once you have served a customer you can prepare more burgers and store them on a silver plate on the bottom left of the screen. The game starts when a customer comes into the shop and orders a burger. You bake the bread in the oven, fry the burger, place it on the bun add the ketchup or mustard then serve it to your customer. If you have done all this quickly so making your customer happy you will be paid in full to add to your daily total. As you progress through the levels the game becomes a little more challenging only adding to the fun as two or more customers will come into the restaurant at once.

Burger Restaurant 3 is typical of a time management cooking game pleasing fans of this genre. Some may say it is aimed at mainly girls but in my opinion anyone, boys or adults included can get hours of fun from playing. It is fairly easy to follow the tutorial at the start of the game to get the jist of how to play while the more you do play, the better and faster you will be. The graphics are colourful and cute along with a great soundtrack that compliments the games subject leaving you wanting to play on to complete the challenge.