Flabby Kid vs The Fast Food Corporation Game

Flabby Kid

Flabby Kid is a game being developed for Fast Food Rockers whereby you play as a flabby little boy hooked on junk food. He decides one day to do something dramatic about his fast food and candy addiction. Flabby Kid confronts the evil Fast Food Corp at their head quarters in a bid to free himself and the world's population from their fatty, greasy foods and snacks.

An Old School Platformer with Tricky Obstacles & Traps

As Flabby Kid Run, Jump, Crawl, Fly and Catapult your way through the head quarters of the Fast Food Corp avoiding it's evil minions and devious traps. Tackle their 3 bosses in control of all the food and drink production of the world and free humanity from their fast food addiciton forever!

3 Colourful and Whacky Departments to Navigate Your Way Through

Venture further up the building floor by floor navigating your way through the Candy, Fast Food & Fizzy Drinks Departments.

Each department has it's own unique obstacles and challenges.

Rescue the Gardeners Along the Way

The Garderners, the humanoid fruit and vegetables in charge of growing the worlds supply of healthy food have been captured. Free them along the way and save them from impending doom!

Unique Boss Battles

Each boss battle is unique and creative. None will prove easy and you will need your witts about you to take on these Junk Food Chiefs in charge of each department.

Are you brave enough and skillful enough to take down the Fast Food corporation as a mere little Flabby Kid?