Papas Cupcakeria Game

Papa's Cupcakeria - Preview and speculation regarding the much-anticipated restaurant-based sequel

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

We’ve followed the unreasonably successful Papa Louie throughout his many business ventures for many years now. His incredibly lucrative restaurants that somehow remain successful in spite of specialising in a very narrow selection of food items have offered us the chance to manage our resources and time in the cooking of wings, pizzas, hot dogs, and pancakes, and much more, and all for the improvement of the restaurant and some lousy tips. Papa isn’t finished with the culinary world yet, however, and he’s going to make that very clear to us in the next instalment of Flipline Studios’ wildly successful restaurant-based game of time and resource management, Papa’s Cupcakeria. I’ve a feeling that we can expect lots more of the same old insanely addictive fun that we have some to expect from this ridiculously moreish series, as well as some new customers of increasing pickiness and a few new kitchen-based innovations to keep things fresh, if you’ll pardon the un-pardonable food-related pun. Here’s a few things we can expect from Papa’s Cupcakeria.

In With the New (but Not Out With The Old)

Of course, we can rely on the fact that age-old format of the Papa’s series is going to continue to challenge us by giving us a variety of customers to cook for in a manner where the food item is deconstructed into its constituent parts, each given their own section of the kitchen: it is in the variables that Papas Cupcakeria will shine, however. Firstly, Flipline have announced that Papa’s Cupcakeria is going to offer more than simply incremental upgrades, unveiling that it will contain a dramatically inflated selection of unlockable items, but most importantly, the new feature of Seasonal Toppings. This essentially means that the game will be evolving over time, introducing new toppings according to the season and expanding the range of toppings on a regular basis making this game the most comprehensive Papa’s title to date.

I’m The Mayor of This Town

Along with the introduction of the new seasonal toppings feature, Flipline have revealed that the location of the next game will be Frostfield City, with Mayor Mallow of course being its mayor and also a potential customer for your Cupcakeria.

Frostfield looks like it has been beautifully designed, with its buildings covered by a layer of snow: a perfect venue for preparing and serving some warm, freshly-made cupcakes.

The game will also involve the unlocking of a variety of menu items including new pancake batter, a selection of different kinds of frosting, and of course a huge selection of toppings that will vary according to the season at the time. Whatever the prospective content for the game may be, it is obvious that Papa’s Cupcakeria is going to bring us the stupidly addictive time management challenges we have always faced, but this time with more content than ever. Excitement, thy name is Papa’s Cupcakeria.