Papas Pizzeria Game

Papa’s Pizzeria – Balance resources, time and flavour in this tasty piece of entertainment


Italian unification is an interesting and complex period of history that involved some game-changing political and social developments in the country during the 19th century; luckily, it isn’t something we will be talking about today. Pizza-fication, however, is a new (and until this sentence, entirely fictional) field in which Italy is entirely unrivalled, and it is a field that should interest pretty much anyone with a mouth and more than 10 taste-buds which are simply dying to be tickled. It is the deliciously-simulated act of pizza-fication that Papa’s Pizzeria is concerned with, and you my friend, are in full control. Grab yourself a base and turn the oven to tasty; the process of birthing a pizza from order, through oven, and to serving is entirely in your hands.


While Papa’s Pizzeria is a game of resource management at heart, it actually delivers much, much more than your average game of this genre. While games such as Cake Mania and Diner Dash deliver the challenge of time management, they don’t quite afford you the level of control that Papa’s Pizzeria gives to the player. Everything from taking the order to carefully sprinkling on each topping by hand is performed by you, with topping positioning, baking time, order prioritisation and even slicing of the damn thing being your responsibility. No game other game outside of the “Papa’s” series allows you to be this involved in the action. Failing to believe me? Read on.

 Building Brilliance

The gameplay is split into four main sections, with things being kicked off by the customer walking casually up to the counter to spit some inaudible culinary rhyme at you; in the later stages of the game, you are required to frequently return to the order counter to ensure that customer aren’t kept waiting for too long. Once the order is in, you press on to the topping station where your skills of accuracy and speed are tested through carefully applying the correct toppings with the mouse on the requested sections of the pizza. The baking station is obviously where things are cooked; not so obviously is the fact that this stage is where much of the pressure is applied to your time management skills since different customers are partial to varying levels of baked, which is all down to how long you leave it in the oven. The cutting station has you drawing lines on the vertical and horizontal axis of your pizza, with evenness ultimately leading to more points than a pizza that looks like it has been the subject of a brutal knife attack.

Deep Pan

While the above paragraph is all that is needed to explain exactly what Papa’s Pizzeria is all about, the game has more depth than what is simply explained above. The difficulty of the game increases as you progress further into it, with an abundance of different customers all possessing their very own picky preferences and annoying levels of harshness when it comes to criticising the finished product. The higher your score at the end of it all, the more tips you will receive for your efforts. Adequate time management is simply essential when the restaurant gets busy, and you will find yourself juggling multiple pizzas at a time.

It plays as Well as it Eats

While the game isn’t exactly the Mariana Trench in its depth, it certainly has more to offer than your average resource management game. Even though it could do with a little spicing up with the inclusion of upgrades/customisation to purchase with the tips you earn, Papa’s Pizzeria from Flipline Studios promises to deliver all of the resource-management strategy of its sausage-shaped brother Papa’s Hotdoggeria, only this time, we’re going straight-up Naples with our food. Thanks, Italy!