Papas Wingeria Game

Papa’s Wingeria – Restaurant-based time management fun that’s fond of the chicken wing

All About the Wing

With the fast food industry being one of the most lucrative and widely-accessible all of the industries, it’s no wonder that the proportion of overweight people in the UK, the US, and indeed the world is growing as quickly as the number of shirts 5XL shirts being sold to these very people. I’m not here to slate the overweight, however, since I used to be somewhat of a chubby funster myself. No, I’m here instead to show you that you don’t have to eat fast food in order to enjoy it; you can just be responsible for its creation instead! Papas Wingeria is one of the insanely popular “Papas” games from Flipline Studios that allow you to get your hands dirty by getting involved in the preparation, assembly, and serving of a variety of sweet and savoury dishes, managing your time and balancing your culinary resources in order to satisfy customers. Papa’s Wingeria is all about the preparation of chicken wings, and it’s down to you to be the best fast food employee on the internet.

Chicken Little

The aim of Papa’s Wingeria is simply to try and satisfy the waves of customers that come into the restaurant each day by preparing and serving their order exactly how they want it to be as indicated on the order ticket. Successful preparation, assembly, and serving of the food will cause the customer to give you a good score for each of the sections of the process and will result in you getting more tips. The more tips you earn, the more decorations and upgrades that you can afford for the restaurant, allowing you to improve your service and ultimately earn more money. It’s all one big, delicious, chicken-based cycle slathered in all the BBQ sauce you can get your hands on, though it really does make me want to eat real fast food and therefore nullifies my argument that you don’t have to eat fast food to enjoy it: you most definitely do, but the game is fun anyhow.

Action Stations

The food prep process is split into the order station, the fry station, the sauce station, and the build station. Orders are obviously taken at the order station, and the frying takes place at the frying station; this is where you must select the number of wings and immerse the wings in hot fat until the cooking indicator reaches the white line. The saucing station is where you must apply a coat of sauce by shaking it about at the required time and with the required amount of sauce. The build station is where most of the action happens and is where you have to assemble the order as indicate on the ticket. It’s all very simple, but it soon becomes a juggling act when the restaurant fills up with customers.

Large Upgrade

The game’s longevity and replay value comes solely from the ability to purchase additions for your wingeria. Posters and decorations can be purchased for the lobby in order to add to the customer waiting score, and upgrades for the kitchen such as timers and doorbells to inform you of the customer’s presence while you are in the kitchen are just some of the useful items that enhance the experience. You will encounter a large range of customers as well, each with their own preferences and some, referred to as ‘closers’, which are more fussy than the rest and will therefore judge you more harshly.

Wing and a Prayer

Papa’s Wingeria is an example of one of the best games of the series, and indeed as one of the best time management games out there in general. Don’t underestimate how addictive it can be to achieve a perfect score, juggle 5 orders at once, and even play mini-games in between each stage. It’s not a complicated game either visually or in terms of gameplay, but you’’ find yourself surprisingly fond of the action once you “wing and bear it”. Do you get it? I hate myself.