Papa's Burgeria Game

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Papa’s Burgeria – Manage time, resources and money in another of Papa’s brilliant restaurant-based ventures

Bovine Spongiform Entertainment

Forget your run-of-the-mill fast food restaurant; we’re not involving ourselves with the usual stereotypes of poorly-presented, perspiration-heavy, physically-heavy employees of the leading fast-food establishments since I was one of such employees in the moderately-distant past. Papa’s Burgeria takes the pizzas and hotdogs of his other establishments and swaps them for a piece of meat wedged between two buns with a selection of accompaniments. You can expect more of the usual Papa’s fun in this instalment, stacked to an altitude that is similar to the dizzying heights that your burgers may reach during the game. The question is this: just how fast can you make your fast food, and how much skill do you have in your sprinkle?

Change the Station

Papa’s Burgeria follows in the footsteps of its predecessors in that it possesses pretty much the same structure and gameplay with a few changes and tweaks that differentiate it from them. You are in charge of the entire food production process, from taking the order to presenting it to the customer and waiting for your tips to drop in the jar. After taking the order, you move to the grill station where you must cook the burger according to the wishes of the customer. The level of cooking required is indicated by a small dial, with flipping the burger being necessary for an even finish. The build station follows the cooking process and involved putting together the burger in the order specified by the customer; you are even tasked with the responsibility of sprinkling the toppings and squirting the sauces by hand. After serving the finished product to the customer, you are rated on your performance at each station and given a tip whose size reflects the quality of your performance.


The thing that makes this game so addictive is the fact that you are in charge of the whole process: the cooking, the constructing, the serving, and most importantly, the spending of your tips on upgrades which improve your performance. Purchasing posters for the restaurant makes it more acceptable for waiting customers, and other useful things such as heat lamps to keep the burger warm and alarms to inform you that your burger is cooked serve to improve the whole food production process. The game also offers you a variety of customers to deal with, each with unique preferences and increasing levels of difficulty and general awkwardness for you to deal with. The combination of working towards self-improvement through upgrades and the pleasing of each customer for the purpose of earning more tips spend on the improvement of your restaurant is a frightfully addictive combination, and is one that had me coming back for more time and time again.


Ok, so Papa’s Burgeria isn’t blazing any trails in terms of its gameplay since not much has truly changed since the last game. The format of the game remains the same as its counterparts, but if it isn’t broken, I tend to err on the side of not attempting to fix it. Instead, Flipline Studios have simply issued us with a variation on a theme, and since the theme is so damned entertaining in the first place, I was instantly sold before I even picked up my first burger. Combining time and resource management with the potential for upgrades and increasingly challenging customers, Papa’s Burgeria is one of the most entertaining resource management games out there, giving you more control than any other game dares to. This one’s got the usual tricky customers and the distinctive artistic style that is typical of the series, but burgers require a rather different construction process and a variety of upgrades gives us something to aim for. Pizzas be damned; burgers are more convenient and dare I say more entertaining.