Sara's Cooking Class Games

Sara’s Cooking Class Games – A rich selection of delicious cook-along flash games to whet your culinary whistle

Grasping the Concept

Before discovering the Sara’s Cooking Class games, my view on food-based games in general was rather dim. I mean, why would I turn to a food-based flash game to satisfy a real-world hunger? It just didn’t make sense to me, and I went about my life cobbling together real food for my actual hunger whilst my flash-based famine of food games continued. My intrigue was too great to manage, however, and after sniffing about SpilGames’ offerings for quite some time, I folded like cheap, low-budget paper and started with Sara’s Cooking Class: Berry Cheese Cake; one berry cheese cake later, and my view had performed a one-eighty. These were more than just shallow cooking games: they were actual, interactive recipes. This application to real-life cooking now meant that the flash-based Sara’s Cooking Class games could now be of actual worth in satiating my real-life hunger. Needless to say, my hunger prevailed and I’ve been sautéing with Sara ever since (in the culinary sense of course; no funny business).

A Sundae of Simplicity

Sara’s Cooking Class games aren’t known for depth of storyline and explosion-a-minute action: they’re flash-based cooking games that allow you to play through and learn a recipe at the same time, and they aren’t apologetic about being this way either. Each game of the series is outrageously simple and is almost identical in format to one another. Each of the flash-based Sara games involves getting to grips with a different recipe that is given to you in the form of a written list which you must then use to assemble the recipe in Sara’s virtual kitchen by using your mouse to click on the various ingredients and utensils that are available.

 Each recipe of course has unique ingredients, all of which are located in the kitchen in various locations that you must discern for yourself. The goal is simply to assemble the ingredients and prepare/cook/use them in the correct order so that you end up with a finished product. You often work under a time limit as well, which adds to the challenge of what would otherwise be a very undemanding series.

A Delectable Selection of Delicacies

Anyone that has visited’s selection of Sara’s Cooking Class games before will know that there is quite a hefty choice of different recipes to get stuck in to. These vary from the succulently savoury treats of Baked Chicken, Christmas Dinner, Pizza Tricolore and Fish Tacos, right the way through to some daring desserts in the form of Key Lime Pie, Ice Cream Sandwich Cake, and Pumpkin Pie.  Each game offers up  a recipe, a chance to work through each step of the cooking process, and also rewards you points based on your speed at the end of it. This page has a delectable selection of flash-based recipes for you to interact with and go on to cook up in real life. Just try the recipes for yourself: they really work!

Culinary Cookertainment

The Sara’s Cooking Class games are by no means visual works of art on the scale of perhaps the cooking academy downloadable games are, but they are exactly what they need to be to appeal to their audience: colourful, easy to navigate, and packed with all of the ingredients and instructions required to cook the recipe both in the game and in real life. The appeal of these games is primarily for younger girls, but they can easily become a cook-along experience for parents and children to enjoy as well, making them extremely fun games to play for all ages.